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How to Use Bubbl.us Mindmaps with Evernote

Why Mindmap?

I wanted to do a some research for a website that I was designing and felt the best way to do this was by using a mindmap, as I can effectively brainstorm by sketching out topic ideas, and lists don’t really work for me. I use Evernote all the time but it does not have the facility to draw a mindmap unless you want to do it as a line drawing. Bubbl.us is a really nifty mindmapping tool. You can sign up for an account which allows you to draw three mindmaps which you can save, edit and share. If you don’t need to save the mindmap then there is no need to sign in to bubbl.us and you can still quickly crank out a mindmap.

Why Bubbl.us?

Bubbl.us is free, web-based, and really simple to learn – it took me only a minute to get to grips with it! Bubbl.us gives you a starting node. You click in the centre of it to rename it by entering a topic. If you want another node then you hover your mouse pointer over the node and two tabs appear. The side one generates a sibling node and the lower a child node or you can use Tab or Ctrl+Enter  respectively. By hovering your mouse pointer over the bubble you can also delete them, change the colour, font etc. It is also really easy to interconnect the nodes.

You can easily move the bubbles around by clicking on them and dragging them to a new position, so it you are adding more and more bubbles you can easily change the way that you mindmap looks.

Bubbl mindmap

How to do I share it with Evernote?

When you have completed your mindmap you can export it as a JPG or PNG image file and save it on your computer. Open up the note that where you wish the mindmap to appear. Click on the paperclip icon and then select the mindmap file that you want to upload. Click OK and hey, presto your mindmap is in Evernote.

It took me a minute or two to work out how I did this. Evernote Essentials takes the pain out of learning Evernote. Find out more about Evernote Essentials here

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