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Tips – Google, Gmail and Google Docs

For those of you out there who do not want to fork out for an Office Suite (Word processing, Spreadsheets etc.) you can use Google Docs for free. Grab yourself a Google Account (not sure how – check out our free tutorial) and you can access them. An advantages to this is your documents are stored securely on-line so that you do not have to worry about anything happening to your computer, you can access them anywhere (from your computer and/or your phone) and you have a share them easily with other people too.

Did you know that you can also upload existing documents on your computer to Google Docs? It is also possible to upload existing folders and files too so that you have a copy, or as alternative to saving them on your computer.

Another benefit of having a Gmail account (and if you are an Android phone user you may already know this) is that you can back up all your phone contacts AND text messages to your Gmail Account. Not only that but if you are using Google Chrome then the passwords that you use on your computer can be saved to your Google Account and so can be retrieved on which ever computer that you are using!

I would suggest you choose a secure password for you account though. There have been instances where emails have been ‘hacked’ into and hijacked by spammers and so when you choose your password choose a phrase instead of just a word followed by numbers – something like: “Iloveshopping” – and to make it more secure try substituting some of the letters with numbers or symbols,  for example zero instead of o, 1 instead of  l, @ instead of a (you get the picture). It will be easier to remember and harder to hack!


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