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Free Tool – Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases & Presentation Software

Can’t afford to buy Microsoft Suite – Microsoft Word (word processing), Microsoft Excel (spreadsheets), Microsoft Access (databases) and Microsoft PowerPoint (presentation) but still want to produce professional looking documents?

Microsoft Works
If you want just word processing or spreadsheets then you can use Microsoft Works which will often come ready installed on your computer – unless you have paid extra for a full Microsoft Office suite then the version installed when you bought your computer is likely to be a trial version.

You could use OpenOffice which is completely free, and is a full operational version of the software (not a trial). It looks very similar and produces pretty much the same results. You can also get extra features if you want them – just check out their ‘Extensions’ section.

Tip – Remember to save your OpenOffice Document as a Microsoft compatible file otherwise it will only open in OpenOffice (File>Save As)!

Download OpenOffice here

Google Documents

If you have a Google Account then you have access to Google’s Document Suite which includes Documents, Spreadsheets, Drawings and Forms. They can also be shared with other Google account users and embedded into websites.

Don’t have a Gmail/ Google Account, check out our tutorial here

Want to know more about Using Google Docs & Google Calender, check out our tutorial here

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