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Free Tool – Evernote – plus Evernote Essentials

I recently installed Evernote and did not use it for some time – mainly because I was not sure how I was going to use it, or what it really did. I then realised how powerful it was! I installed the toolbar for it and was delighted to see how I could take clips of websites, which I was interested in, and (once also installed on my smartphone) I could view them on the move. I could make notes at home on my laptop and have them synced on my phone. I found this particularly useful over Christmas as I stored my Christmas recipes and shopping lists on it. It saved me from duplicating presents as I could tick them off once purchased (no more putting a present in a cupboard and forgetting I had bought it). I could make sure that I had bought all the vital bits for Christmas dinner too – and I could look up the recipes in case I had forgotten to add anything.

I have a paper diary too, though I do not carry it around with me as it is quite big – so not ideal when you suddenly need to make a note of something on the run!

One of my New Year’s resolutions (even though I swore I would never make any) is to declutter my desk. I have started already – I have now a nice collection of those important miscellaneous bits of paper, which I never know where to file, and have stored them in Evernote. I can tag the documents so I know how to find them again – plus I can view them when at the office, at home, out and about – where-ever.

It took me a while to get used to how Evernote worked. Reading Evernote Essentials was a great time saver and made me much more efficient in becoming more efficient! Like the author says – you can find out the info for free on the web but it takes the pain away of trying to find it.

This informative PDJ by Brett Kelly is 95 pages of easy to read, fun information which will get up and running with Evernote quickly. It explains how simple it is to save and organize information in your Evernote account so that you have find it again easily. It helps you understand how it can be integrated with the other programs that you are already using.

Find out more about Evernote Essentials here


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