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10 Top Uses for Evernote

Top 10 evernote usesI really love using Evernote! It is one of the ultimate tools in to enhance your productivity, there is such a wide range of things that you can do with it. I thought I would share my top ten uses with you.

1. Lists, lists, list – Evernote has a checklist feature which allows you tick off the jobs that have been completed. I record my shopping lists, my to-do lists on Evernote. When I am at work or in the supermarket, where ever, I can use my laptop, tablet or mobile phone to mark items off (they all synchronize if you have internet connection). At Christmas I also kept my present list on it so I could check who I had to buy for. It would also work as a ‘wish list’ as you can share the notebook with others (I am going to try this next year so I don’t get duplicate pressies!)

2. Making notes from books – I use my Kindle for all my reading now, I even email PDFs to it. I don’t make notes in paper books any more (and I am ALWAYS losing bits of paper) so I just record my notes in Evernote!

3. Handy Notes – Out shopping and you need to buy some new curtains? Where did I put those measurements? – Easy, store them in Evernote! You could use it for measurements of furniture, curtains or even consumables brands (like your printer or photocopier).

4. Keep a library – this could be anything from CDs, DVDs, books you have read. If you have a large collection then it easy to keep a list of what you already have, or want to buy. You can even create a note about each item. I keep a list of all the authors that I like – I then download their books from Amazon.

5. Record important documents – I keep a record of certificates so I know which courses I have attended, and when. You could also use this for birth certificates, passports etc. It is also useful for keeping other important information to hand – for example keeping a list of medicines/ prescriptions in case of emergency.

6. Recipes – I use the web clipper to record recipes that I find on the web. As the clipper grabs all the information and not just the link it means that even if

the recipe is removed you still have the information. This would work with ebay auction listings or classified ads too.

7. Recording  Food – In a similar way to using the clipper to record recipes – why not photograph meals that you like in restaurants or your takeaway menu listings?

8. Contact list – save your contacts into Evernote. You could use the camera on your phone to photograph contact information/ business cards (you already know that I always lose bits of paper!)

9. Save mindmaps. I also use Bubbl.us (see the post here). I then import the mindmap into Evernote so that all my notes are all in one place.

10. Lecture/ course notes – often I will take a photograph of notes displayed on a board/ overhead projector to save writing them down. Saves a great deal of time (and an aching arm!)


Need some extra help with Evernote? Evernote Essentials takes the pain out of learning Evernote, find out more here.


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